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NetZero Microgrid Solutions

NetZero Microgrid Solutions, LLC provides a wide variety of leadership and support to clients interested in deploying smart energy and microgrid solutions as part of improving the economic and social health of their communities.  With the triple bottom line as our foundation, we are not about theory but rather the practicality of designing energy solutions that make sense and get built by our clients. 

We believe in using economic development as the primary driver, so we create strategies and action plans that broadly improve the community as a whole, and lead to a cleaner and more sustainable environment as a key outcome. 




We understand that every opportunity must start with a clear understanding from our clients of the challenge and desired outcomes, so we'd like to start with an old-fashion conversation. 

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"Microgrids are less about electrons, rather they are about economic development."

Will Agate LEED AP, President and Founder